StarTrack track by tracking number

StarTrack Tracking: Get tracking information and feel secure. Whether you're waiting for a single package to arrive or you're looking to send packages, StarTrack tracking will help you keep track of your shipments. You'll feel confident and secure because you' ll have the most up-to-date information with our advanced tracking options.

StarTrack Tracking allows you to track your shipments by using the tracking number, making it easy to stay informed about the current status, unexpected delays, and ultimately the delivery of your shipment.

Average package delivery time : 3 days


Like many postal services and parcel delivery companies in the world, StarTrack makes sure to establish a tracking number on all its parcels. Thanks to the StarTrack tracking service, it is possible to know the exact location of the parcel or the state in which it is.

To track a package issued by the StarTrack, simply put the tracking ID of the package in the search field and you will immediately find the information you need.

StarTrack has a unique tracking number format by which it allows you to identify not only the location of the parcel, but also whether it is a national or international parcel.

StarTrack tracking package

The majority of delivery companies (USPS, FedEx, DHL, SkyNet, UPS, …) offer tracking of packages and parcels using the package number and barcode on the shipment. The emergence of this traceability has secured the transport of goods and encouraged the growth of online orders and e-commerce.

With Zihit, track your packages anywhere in the world. No matter where the package is delivered from or to, with package tracking, you can always keep an eye on it. Tracking a package has never been easier for you.

The tracking number is composed of many characters: letters and numbers, ex: TT123486789EN, If you are the sender and you want to track your package: The tracking number is present in the order confirmation email and on the proof of deposit of your shipping label.

If you are the recipient and you want to track your package: Ask your sender for the tracking number. You can also find it in the arrival email of your package at the destination Pickup.

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